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Executives have a lot on their minds, but it's no secret that much of their focus simply boils down to return on investment. This is an area where Webtreepro really shines. Managing a network of sites across a multi-location business can be incredibly complex, and time-consuming, and therefore...expensive!

Webtreepro was written specifically for multi-location businesses though, so we've taken a lot of the complexity out. Here are some of the key benefits you get in working with Webtreepro and the company behind it, Primero Systems:

Complete Control

Set up enterprise-grade levels of content editors and workflow permissions. Selectively publish content across a network of websites – partial or full page – to support global and local marketing strategies.

Easy to Use

Intuitively create and manage enterprise websites, device-responsive sites, landing pages and portals. Marketing can update any element of the site – without any programming skills.

Marketing Support

Quickly create landing pages to support marketing campaigns – and share them in real time.

Syndicate Content

Instantly syndicate content to multiple outlets to maximize overall Web footprint, local search visibility and local relevance. Click once and publish content to one or thousands of company websites.

Single Source Publishing

Address the duplicate content conundrum. Use the same source content across different websites without any Google penalties.

Targeted Content

Present content that is relevant to your audience based on their role or persona.

Harness the Cloud

SaaS architecture provides full CMS via the cloud. Eliminates costly hardware and software.

Professional Services

Full professional services including implementation, integration, design and first class support allowing Webtreepro to be fully customized and configurable. We believe technology should enable, not dictate the creative process.

Webtreepro will give your organization the competitive advantage you seek by streamlining operations, maximizing resources and a greater return on your investment. Discover the Webtreepro advantage.

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