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Regardless of the franchise business you’re in, consistency is key to success. Whether you’re serving burgers, cutting hair, changing oil or scooping ice cream, ensuring the consistency of the brand message across your franchise system is essential.

There are a lot of CMS systems out there, and quite a few good ones...if you only have a handful of locations, that is. However, you know that the world of franchising is a beast unto itself! Your traditional CMS just isn't equipped to serve the unique needs of a franchise organization.

How many CMS platforms allow you to create content at the corporate level and share it with one, some or all franchisee sites? Can you also designate that content to be required or optional for each site? Can you choose to make that content editable at the local level or not? How do you enforce brand control, yet still allow customization at the local level? These are all scenarios simply handled by Webtreepro. All our solutions come with sophisticated roles & permissions to give you control over content and the people responsible for it.

So regardless of your number of locations, types of franchises, the promotions you run, the assets you manage or the control you have over the brand, Webtreepro has a solution that can meet your needs today and your expectations for tomorrow.


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