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IT is a busy department, let Webtreepro help

Seeing as Webtreepro is a Primero System's product, we know a thing or two about IT folks. We've been in this business for a couple decades, so it was only natural that we build a product that benefits the IT department.

Engineers love to build things. They love to take on new challenges and find clever solutions to tricky problems. However, what they don't generally enjoy, is that call from the marketing department telling them to drop everything because there's a new marketing campaign and website changes are needed, pronto!

This is why we made Webtreepro as simple to use as your favorite word processor. Marketing folks can make their own content changes however and whenever desired. They can push that content to any or all locations in the enterprise. They can choose who sees and who can edit content. All this can be done from a simple dashboard view, with no technical expertise needed.

Implementing Webtreepro has other benefits to the IT department too. Such as no additional equipment since it’s cloud-based, which means no hit to the IT budget.

On the flip side though, when there are opportunities that can only be solved through code, or integrations, or platform extensions, your IT department will be happy to know we saw that coming too. And, if the need arises, we can help with custom software integrations through our parent company, Primero Systems. We’ve got you covered either way.

Webtreepro allows the IT folks to focus on what they do best. Your IT department will thank us for that.

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