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IT is a busy department, let Webtreepro help


All data is stored in highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers, ensuring the utmost protection of your data. We take the security of our own data incredibly seriously, and we treat yours no different. Additional to leveraging AWS to secure you, our product accommodates single sign-on if you need it.

Continuous Uptime

Enjoy continual uptime of your websites with a reliable hosting environment. Never again worry about getting reports of your website being inaccessible and having to drop everything you’re doing to go address the issue. Let us take the responsibility off your plate of guaranteeing your website will always be accessible.

Cloud Hosted

Save your budget and server space to improve your IT infrastructure in other ways. Our product is hosted with AWS (Amazon Web Services), meaning no hosting charge to you, no hidden costs or fees either, we promise. Spend your time maintaining other important software installed on your servers, your website CMS software won’t take a single minute of your time.


Incremental backups every five minutes and full daily backups stored in AWS S3 ensure your data is never lost. We believe capturing and maintaining data backups are crucial to any business and your data should not be held hostage for the sake of squeezing extra dollars out of your company. Routine backups come standard with our product, why would you settle for less?


Our platform is easy to integrate with your CRM and other systems, just let us know what you need! In today’s world of technology and business, having software that can’t integrate with other systems just makes no sense. We’ve designed our product such that designing integrations is straightforward, minimizing time and expenses.

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