For Multi-Location Businesses

Easily set up your locations for success, while maintaining full brand control

Regardless of the number of locations you have, brand consistency across them is key to your success. Businesses with multiple locations run the risk of individual localization of messages that, when deviating from the corporate plan, can cause confusion among potential customers, the media and partners.

However, localization isn't a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, it's often a key factor in driving business and increasing revenue. So, the question becomes, how do you allow for localization but still maintain a consistent brand across your entire organization?

With a traditional CMS you basically have two choices:

  • Represent every location on a single monolithic site
  • Allow each location to have their own site

With the monolithic approach, each location tends to blend into the next, giving the feeling of a cold and impersonal organization. On the other hand, allowing each location to have their own site and express themselves freely can lead to a branding nightmare!

This is where Webtreepro shines. We built our CMS platform with the needs of multi-location businesses in mind. Want to share great content across your network of sites, and pick and choose who gets it? Want to make that content required or optional? Want to say who can and can't edit that content? No problem with Webtreepro.

Our platform handles these types of scenarios, and many others specific to your multi-location business, with ease. See what a difference it makes to work with a CMS platform built to specifically address your multi-location needs! Don’t wait, sign up for a demo today.

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