For Multi-Location Businesses

Easily set up your locations for success, while maintaining full brand control

Content Sharing

Create content once, then selectively publish specific slideshows, site menus, articles, images, documents or entire webpages across one, some, or all of your websites. Update the original content in one place and it’s automatically updated anywhere you’ve shared it.

Local Touch

Choose which aspects of their website each location can edit, allowing them to add their own location-specific feel. It should be easy for each site to display content and promotions relevant to their locale, and we get that.

Easy Onboarding

Quickly onboard new locations and spin up new websites with our straightforward process. Let your employees put their time where their talents shine. We make it easy to create their website and bring them up to speed on maintaining it.

Brand Appearance

Whether you have 5 locations or 5,000, we make it easy for you to fully control every touchpoint of your brand’s web footprint. We understand each brand is unique, and that uniqueness is what makes you, well, you. We believe the number of locations you have should never come between you and your brand.

SEO Friendly

Execute local and corporate SEO strategies and marketing programs with ease. You don’t need to be an SEO expert with our tool to maximize each of your sites’ search engine rankings. We’ve done all of the hard work and research understanding how search engines rank your site and we’ve built that into the core of our product.

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