As an Intranet

A central & easy to maintain hub built to fit the needs of your employees, agents, and partners

When you think of your CMS system, you think of sharing content with your customers across your network of sites regardless of whether you’re a franchise, association or other multi-location business.

But what do you do if you want to share information with your internal teams across those same locations?

We have the answer, it’s Webtreepro.

Yes, not only can you use it for your CMS, but Webtreepro is also a powerful intranet for your organization. In fact, many of our customers use Webtreepro in this capacity.

Share price lists, training materials, videos, photos, marketing materials or other information not intended for your publics’ consumption via a secure portal.

Besides making it easy to create secure web pages and upload privileged documents, our CMS can provide additional controls, so only those designated can access the intended information.

Users can be organized into groups (i.e. departments) and given access to view only certain pages. Or, different groups can be given access to the same page, but only view their group-specific part of the page. It’s flexible, yet powerful and you’re in the driver’s seat.

So, the customer facing site can also serve as a secure internal site too, with Webtreepro.

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